Maruti Regina

Concept cars are not meant to look pretty always - the Regina is one such car. It is typical Japanese in its design - funky with added retro touches. And yes, concept cars never make it to the vehicleion lines in the same form - the actual vehicleion model is hugely different and this can be expected here as well. That said, the actual car will bear close resemblance to the one you see here. Suzuki says this is a small car and will be affordable which means this will be slotted below the Swift in India - somewhat near the Ritz hatchback. The Maruti Regina will have a long bonnet and a compact looking rear end. The one you see here is a 2-door concept - the actual will ofcourse be a 4-door hatchback.

Suzuki says that the concept shows the company's aim of making a next-generation and modern compact car, one that can be sold globally. It will have excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions due to a light body structure and ness and superior aerodynamics. The company also adds that Regina will use a highly sophisticated petrol engine that will make it deliver fuel economy in the region of 25-30kmpl! 
The Suzuki Regina, as of now, is a concept that seats four, weighs 730kg, is 1630mm wide, 1430mm tall with a 2425mm wheelbase. As seen in the picture here, the styling of the cabin is minimal and very futuristic. It wears a green theme to signify the high economy and low emissions.

Maruti is losing share in the small car market due to better rivals and continous strikes and the Regina might just be the best tool for them to make up the lost ground. The Maruti Regina would be made at Maruti's upcoming facility in Gujarat and if all goes well, should be in showroom in the 1st quarter of 2012. Our fingers are crossed!

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